Thursday, February 16, 2012

Seven Layer Impossible Taco Pie

Seven Layer Impossible Taco Pie 
What an awesome weeknight meal this Seven Layer Impossible Taco Pie turned out to be.  It’s made with gluten free Bisquick so it’s surprising that I haven’t tried making an impossible pie before now considering how much of the baking mix I use.  I remember my mom making a couple of these back in the 70’s.  I wish I could say that I had fond memories of the experience but unfortunately I don’t.  I remember my Mom announcing that we were having an impossible pizza pie.  I loved pizza so naturally I thought the “impossible pie” would be even better.  Sadly it was not.  The whole chewy crust experience that makes pizza so appealing was missing with the pie.  This taco pie is different.  You’ll love the texture and flavor in the pie itself and all the garnishes that make a taco spectacular remain intact to top the whole thing off once it’s baked.  And if you miss the crunchy taco shell you could always top it off with corn chips, gluten free of course.  Oh, I assure you, the kids will be clamoring for more with this one. 

Ingredients for the Taco Pie:
·         1 lb ground chicken
·         1 medium onion diced
·         1 can of black beans rinsed and drained
·         ½ cup salsa
·         1 package of gluten free taco seasoning
·         ¾ cup gluten free Bisquick
·         3 eggs
·         1 ¼ cup milk
·         2 oz low fat cheddar, grated

Ingredients to Garnish the Pie:
·         additional salsa
·         chopped olives
·         scallions
·         additional grated cheddar
·         diced tomatoes
·         parsley or cilantro
·         Greek yogurt or sour cream

Video Tutorial: 


1.      Preheat the oven to 400°F or 205 °C and grease a 10 inch deep dish pie plate.
2.      In a medium skillet over a medium high heat crumble and brown the ground chicken with the onions. 
3.      Add the salsa, beans and taco seasoning then stir to combine.  Allow it to cook for a minute or two until the bottom of the pan looks dry.  You don’t want to introduce extra liquid into the pie or it may not set properly.
4.      Spread the meat mixture into the bottom of the pie plate.
5.      Whisk the milk, eggs and GF Bisquick together until smooth. Pour the batter over the meat mixture.
6.      Bake it for 30 minutes then remove it from the oven, sprinkle on the 2 oz grated cheese and bake for an additional 10 minutes. 
7.      Allow the pie to cool for 5-10 minutes before slicing.  Top it with garnishes you’d like and serve. 


  1. Hi! I've been visiting often, we've been trying several of your recipes. I have been bad about reporting back to let you know how it's going. The shrimp and asparagus quinoa was a hit. The baked fish sticks....not so much. We're trying taco pie tonight. It's in the oven right now! Thank you so much for all these great recipes! Like I said I visit often so keep them coming! You have a fan in me!

    1. Hi Evelyn, Glad to hear that you've tried some of the recipes. Hope your family liked the taco pie. ~Anne


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