Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Reese's Cup Smores

Reese's Cup Smores

With Halloween officially in the history books, there’s a good chance you've got a nice supply of candy in the house.  All you need is a bag of marshmallows, some graham crackers and you've got the fixings for a smores party.  Light a few candles break out the wooden skewers and let the fun begin.

But don’t limit yourself to just classic Hershey bars when there are so many other choices out there.  My personal fave is the Reese’s cup smore.  What can I say I love peanut butter.  The possibilities are really endless.  Use your imagination.  Just dig through the candy bowl and look for something meltable.

And for the graham crackers I was a little worried.  We all know that gluten free products can tend to be a bit more fragile than their regular counterparts.  After a year of searching, I finally hunted down a box of Schar’s gluten free honey grahams.  But having never tried them I wondered how they might hold up to the challenge.

You can see for yourselves in the video tutorial below that they held up under the pressure.  Not only was I able to smash the marshmallow without breaking the graham, they also tasted fantastic. 

And if you’re not a big fan of toasting the marshmallows using the live flame method, I've included microwave instructions too. 

Reese’s Cup Smores
Prep time: 1 min
Cook time: 5 sec to 1 min

  • Schar gluten free honey grahams
  • Reese’s cups (or any meltable candy)
  • Large Marshmallows

Video Tutorial: 

  1. Place 1 graham cracker on a plate.
  2. Top with a Reese’s cup.
  3. Place a marshmallow onto a skewer and rotate it slowly about 2 inches from an open flame until it is as toasted as you like then place it onto the Reese’s cup. (standing like a cylinder)
  4. Cover with the second graham, smash and eat like a sandwich. 

Microwave Instructions:
  1. Place 1 graham cracker on a plate.
  2. Top with a Reese’s cup and one marshmallow (standing like a cylinder).
  3. Microwave on high for 5 seconds or until the marshmallow puffs.
  4. Remove and cover with the second graham and smash and eat like a sandwich.  

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