Monday, August 22, 2011

Kicked Up Corncakes

When I took a peek in the fridge this morning, I noticed some leftover grilled chicken breast and was wondering what I could have for lunch.  I’ve had Mexican on my mind for several days since my friend Sandy from Easy Cooking recently made a delicious looking Tostada Salad.  Since I didn’t have a clue how to make gluten free tostadas, I decided to make kicked up corncakes instead.  I added a quickly thrown together fresh salsa to top off the dry looking grilled chicken and a dollop of sour cream to complete this spectacular dish.  Be sure to visit Sandy’s Blog to see where I got my inspiration.  She's not a gluten free cook, but she is certainly fabulous in the kitchen.  I don’t limit myself to just reading gluten free recipes since any recipe can be converted.  Eventually I’ll attempt making a gluten free tostada so I can try out her recipe the way it was intended.  For now I’ll just thank her for inspiring this dish.   
1 cup Corn Meal (finely ground)
2/3 cup Rice Flour
1/3 cup Corn Starch
1 tsp Baking Powder
2 Eggs
1 tbs Sugar
2 cups Milk
¾ cup Corn Kernels
3 slices Bacon  (fried until crisp & crumbled)
1 Jalapeno Pepper (deseeded and finely diced)
3-4 oz Sharp Cheddar (grated)

Video Tutorial:  

In a medium bowl stir together the corn meal, rice flour, potato starch, baking powder, and sugar then set aside.

In a larger bowl whisk the eggs, and milk together. 
Add the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients then stir until just combined but don’t over mix.  Now stir in the corn, jalapeno, cheddar and bacon until everything is pretty evenly distributed.
Now to cook the corncakes, add a little nonstick spray or butter to a griddle or nonstick skillet which you have heated to medium-low temperature.  I’m adding about ¼ cup measures to the pan but you can make them as large or small as you’d like.  Allow them to cook for a few minutes until you see the tops of the corncakes begin to look dry and large bubbles begin to rise to the surface and they’re ready to flip. They won’t need much time on the second side maybe a minute or so and they’re ready to serve. 

This batch made 19 (3")corncakes & 7 minis (made to demonstrate how they'd look as a bite sized appetizer) .


  1. They look delicious and very pretty! Thank you so much my friend for mentioning my blog! You are so sweet! I really appreciate your support! I'm in love with this dish, I will give it a try ASAP!

  2. I hope you like them. I also hope anyone who sees this post will visit your blog for authentic Mexican cooking as well as all your other tasty dishes.


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