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Yummy Cookies from 

Recently sent me some of their cookies to review.  As I’ve written before, whenever I get a request to do a food review it makes me happy to be a food blogger. Usually when a company offers to send you their products, you can rest assured that they believe in what they’ve created. did not disappoint.  

The cookies are AMAZING! 

The company is run by Dr. Greg Celaya and his wife Cari who run a functional medicine and nutrition practice in California.  Here’s a link to that site if you want to check it out

But back to the cookies. 

These tasty treats were originally developed by the Celayas as a healthy source of energy for their own son to snack on while participating in his athletics programs.  But, when the rest of the team began clamoring for more, they knew they were on to something good.  They also knew that the rest of us could benefit from what they’d created so they started the online cookie site to make them available to the public.  

Their company tagline is “The Good Cookie” and that description goes far beyond the irresistible taste of these cookies. Every variety is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low glycemic, and contain healthy fats and proteins. They use over 30 health-boosting ingredients in their recipes.  

They're perfect as a sustaining snack or a delectable dessert. My daughter even had a few in place of breakfast the morning I was shooting footage for the video review.   

You'll have to visit their website to get an even better understanding of all the thought that went into making these cookies.
Oatmeal, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip

I was lucky enough to receive all four of the varieties that are currently sold on the website. They come packaged in small plastic containers with a half dozen fairly large cookies neatly packed in each.  They also included a note with storing and heating instructions which worked perfectly to achieve warm chewy cookies.

As many of my regular readers already know, I often involve my fourteen year-old daughter when it comes to doing product reviews.  Not only is she a very picky eater, she’s also not exclusively gluten free like I am so she has a better memory of the characteristics that traditional baked goods possess for comparison.  And then there's the fact that she feels like a kid on Christmas morning when a package arrives.

And she isn't shy about sharing her displeasure when she doesn't like something. 

After each of us tasted all of the flavors and concluded that all of their varieties are fantastic.  My daughter's favorite was the oatmeal raisin while my favorite was the chocolate mint. But seriously they were all delectable.  

In fact it’s hard to believe there’s a single healthy ingredient in them.  These cookies just taste so good. They epitomize artisan baking. Dr Celaya and his wife Cari use high quality, exceptional ingredients to make nutritious cookies  that are truly delicious.     

To check out my video review click on the YouTube link below:

To read more about the cookies or to purchase them for yourself visit:

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