Friday, July 31, 2015

ZENPRO Hand Beater / Mixer Review

ZENPRO Hand Held Mixer ? Beater

Whenever a company asks me to review a product or gadget, I'm always excited.

And after testing out the ZENPRO hand mixer / beater, I found it to be the perfect gadget for all those mixing jobs that are too small to drag out an electric beater.  

It comes in a small box that contains the mixer itself and a plastic ring that holds an egg separator, three commonly sized measuring spoons and a leveler.

The mixer itself is lightweight and sturdy and comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The gear rotation mechanism has a very smooth feel and works in either direction. 

There are two small buttons that allow you to remove the whole beater assembly so you can wash it separately.  Since my hands are pretty weak I had trouble with the depressing buttons to make this function work.  My 13 year old daughter had no problems working this feature. Each of the beaters snaps out too and everything in the beater assembly is dishwasher safe.

All in all, I love this thing. 

Check out my video review here:

To find the ZENPRO mixer at Amazon click HERE.


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